Long Distance Moving Service

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Long Distance Moving Service

A long distance move is any interstate relocation, or a move which requires more than 100 miles traveling within the same state.

Long Distance Moving Rates

Long distance rates are based on the estimated volume of the goods you wish to ship. We work based upon a tariff table of measurements regulated by The Federal Highway Administration which provides the average weight of most common household items.

This table is the basic tool used by all companies to calculate the cost of your move, either by volume or by weight.

Whether you are moving long distance in  New York you’ll find that we are always willing to take the extra step in order to ensure the safety of your belongings. Since no two moves are exactly the same and no two families have exactly the same moving needs, Small moving crew  will customize your specific moving needs so you can more effectively budget your move.Our moving consultants will be glad to provide you with answers, at no cost or obligation.

There are no moving questions or problems that we have not tackled before in our many years of experience in handling thousands of relocations.

Only a good and experienced company can easily deal with big and heavy items.

We have both the equipment and the experience to assure that your valuable, heavy items will be moved safely without damage to both the items and your property.